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Sisterhood In Real Estate?

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far; go together." 
Sisterhood in Real Estate was founded with the vision to create a community for women to connect, grow and be empowered through real estate investing.  Together, we are creating wealth; building deams and making positive impact on people and communities around us.

A Message From Our Founder...

Lupei is an active-duty Naval Officer with 19 years of leadership, logistics, contracting, and project management experience in the Defense industry. She has completed multiple deployments at sea and proudly served her country in Afghanistan during OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.
Lupei possesses solid leadership, risk management, and analytics skills and is well-versed in managing large-scale projects. Her vision is to build a community to connect, inspire, and empower women through real estate investing while developing organic long-lasting friendships and partnerships. 
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Why I Chose To Invest In Multifamily Properties:

Cash Flow

Invest passively, receive cash flow while we do all of the work for you. We value our investor returns and provide investors with an investor portal for reporting, monthly and annual distributions.

Value Add / Forced Appreciation

Strategic decisions on a value add strategy, targets undervalued and often undermanaged assets, in strategic locations, while utilizing moderate leverage to increase the property's efficiency through renovations and management restructurings vs cap rates

Partnering & Managing Right

We invest in people, relationships and long term goals not just the asset. We want to grow with our general partners, extended partners and most importantly, our investors for years to come.

These are just some of the benefits that I have experienced when investing in multifamily but they are definitely not all of them. With any investment there comes risk, but the risk involved in multifamily are a lot lower than any other investment.

Providing Assets That Create Favorable Multiple For Investors Upon Exit!

View our past deals and see what all we have been able to acquire recently. These are all closed deals and no longer available for investing.
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View a few our current investment properties. These properties are available for investing. Contact us today to get a full list of all our multifamily investment properties.
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My Process

A Unique Process That Helps You Gain Financial Freedom

The first step in my process at Sisterhood In Real Estate is identifying the right markets. Making sure that I target the right market is key to making sure I am not only just getting the best properties but also choosing the right areas as well. After the target area has been located and a well-structured deal is in place, my next task is to ensure renovations are in place that help raise the value in the property. This helps my investors achieve the highest ROI possible.
When presenting properties to potential investors, it's important that we discuss your goals when it comes to investing. Making sure the right investor is paired with the right property is just as important as anything else.

Don't Be Left Behind On Future Deals!

Be the first to be updated whenever I have new properties that are available to invest in. These properties are available on a first come first serve basis.

Begin Investing

Enjoy Passive Real Estate Income Without The Extra Hassle!

Investing in multifamily doesn't have to be difficult and I make sure that all investors are placed in the best situations for the best possible outcome. My goal is to improve lives through real estate and so far it's been a success! Start investing today and build your portfolio for upcoming generational wealth.
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